Lucy Brown & Benefit: Store Approval

I promised I would keep you in touch with my Benefit adventure. I apologise it’s been a long time since my previous Lucy Brown & Benefit Posts: Lucy Brown & Benefit, The Recruitment Event and The Interview. I have been very busy with my am dram actress adventure playing Vera in Willy Russell’s Breezeblock Park. The demanding rehearsal and performance schedule also delayed my progress to becoming a fully fledged Benebabe.

On Friday I am going for my third attempt at store approval at the Trafford Centre please keep your fingers crossed for me that I will be third time lucky. I don’t know much about this vacancy but I understand it is temporary for the Christmas period. I am hoping if I am successful it will lead to a permanent post in the future.

My previous two attempts at store approval sadly proved unsuccessful.

On 22nd August, just three days after my interview. I went to Boots at Middlebrook retail park. However unfortunately my prior commitment to playing Vera meant I was unable to work Thursdays or Sundays which were a requirement. I was surprised that I had been put forward for this vacancy as I had already explained about my rehearsal commitments. I also found out my favourite uncle died straight after this interview:-(

On 2nd September I went to House of Fraser in Manchester City Centre. I absolutely loved my stint ‘Traffic Stopping’ in this store. I also managed to sell four products in an hour which I felt was pretty impressive prior to training. However a few days later I finally discovered I’d unfortunately been unsuccessful as they preferred one of the other candidates as she would ‘blend better with the existing team members’. I wondered if my being older at 39 may have contributed to this perception. I also reflected that the fact that I was 100% focussed on my customers, and the resulting sales, meant that I neglected to socialise sufficiently with the rest of the team and this may have also put me at a disadvantage.

I subsequently suggested to the person who recruited me that we should wait until the play had finished before putting me forward to any further stores. This is because when they enquire when I’m available to work? I want to be able to reply with a willing ‘when do you need me?’. Wish me luck testing this theory out on Friday!

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Vera’s Earrings

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The Grand Opening of my September Glossy Box

When I arrived home from my yoga class yesterday my September Glossy Box was waiting for me. I wasn’t expecting it because I had not received a dispatch notice and last month my Boudoir Prive box arrived first. I had to put my first impressions review on hold until today because I was busy yesterday on my acting adventure: learning lines and attending a rehearsal for the PADOS production of Willy Russell’s Breezeblock Park.

Although this is my fourth Glossy Box the super gorgeous packaging still excites me, I just love the layers of anticipation as you tear open the outer box, lift the lid on the inner box, untie the pink ribbon and carefully tease open the tissue paper to reveal…

Dead Sea Spa Magik – Salt Brushing

Two generous 50g Sachets. Smells of orange Lucozade on opening. This is one for me to try and report back on. Whilst my preference is obviously for full-sized products or failing that dinky mini product samples ideally in the same or similar packaging as the original. I have no objections to receiving sachets in monthly subscription boxes. There is also a 25% discount for Glossy Box subscribers.

HD Brows – Eye&Brow Palatte

Wow… this must certainly be the star product of this months Glossy Box. It’s full-sized and fabulous. The kit includes an applicator and I also got a double ended High Definition Brows applicator with a spongy smudging tool at one end and an angle brush at the other… Bonus! However because I am blond I have arranged to swap my Vamp kit for Sarah’s Bombshell kit so I will have to wait a few days longer to test it out. But what a fab item to include in a Glossy Box. My Mac eyebrow pencil is on it’s last legs so I am beyond thrilled to get this kit, thank-you Glossy Box! The HD kit does put this months other offerings in the shade but in my opinion this product alone justifies the £12.95 cost of the box.  A £5 online discount for is also supplied.

MOA – The Green Balm

Dinky pot. I tried this instantly on my lips… you can never have too many balms especially in this season of biting winds and drying central heating. 100% natural with an un-intrusive fragrance and taste, what’s not to love? You also get a 20% off discount code.

Neal and wolf – HARMONY Intensive Care Treatment

Just to echo my August Glossy Box Review ‘200ml, 200ml! Who says size doesn’t matter. Is it wrong that I’m already impressed with this product, because it’s big?’. Exotic and expensive smelling I am excited to give this a whirl. This is most excellent timing Glossy Box as my much loved Sachajuan Conditioner from the August Boudoir Prive Box is nearly all gone! 15% discount for Glossy Box subscribers.

Plum by Mary Greenwell – Eau de Parfum

1.5 ml sample bottle. As I have fallen in love with the scent, which I would never have otherwise tried, I can’t complain. I agree with the sleeve that it is indeed ‘intoxicating loveliness’. If anybody out there is not delighted with their samples of PLUM please feel free to donate them to me 😉 20% discount for Glossy Box Subscribers.

So first impressions of my September Glossy Box are hugely positive. I am genuinely not feeling any product envy for the alternative products others may have received partly because I haven’t checked out the other blogs yet and also because I am confident I will use ALL the products in this month’s box. Thank-you Glossy Box.

My only grumble is that if the beauty profiles were in use that we wouldn’t have to make our own arrangements to swap our HD Kits on Beauty Box Swaps because we would have received the one most suited to our colouring at the outset.

I currently pay for my own monthly subscription beauty boxes including Glossy Box. I am aware Glossy Box gifted selected bloggers with free boxes this month, however for some reason they overlooked offering one to me 😉

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Lucy Brown & Benefit: The Interview

It looks like my adventure with Benefit could have some legs.

Today at 5pm I attended the interview. They asked some challenging questions I had to think really hard to answer them, but answer them I did.

The outcome of the interview is that I am going to be working for them part-time for a minimum of 7 hours. I requested part-time not only for reasons of work/family life balance but also so that I can pursue my other career interests paid and unpaid.

Benefit were fortunately happy to work round my PADOS rehearsal schedule, I’m playing Vera in Willy Russell’s Breezeblock Park. You may recall I was also signed to a background artists (extras) agency this week. I remain interested in doula-ing and baby massage instructing too.

I feel very proud of myself to have got through Benefit’s challenging 3 stage recruitment process. The next stage in the Benefit process is store approval.

I will keep you updated as my Benefit Tale develops… woo hoo I’m very nearly a BeneBabe!

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Welcome to the Crazy World of Lucy Brown

I am Lucy Brown. I will be embarking on some new adventures over the next few weeks and months. These adventures include taking on the role of Vera, a very dim, likeable, down to earth Liverpudlian 35-45 year old, in the PADOS (Prestwich Amateur Dramatic and Operatic Society) production of Willy Russell’s Breezeblock Park, trying out as a Benefit Beauty Consultant and hopefully getting signed to Industry Casting agency for paid work as an Extra.

I am happily married to a wonderful man we have two children together and three cats.  Sadly my oldest cat Turtle has recently lost her sight due to high blood pressure but she is otherwise in good health for a cat of her age.

I am also supposed to be concentrating on working towards self-employment as a Doula, Baby Massage Instructor and Parenting Coach although recent experiences have knocked my confidence and drive in these areas and I feel more drawn to the exciting new adventures mentioned above at this time.

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