The Grand Opening of my October Glossy Box

My Glossy Box arrived Saturday 29th October. The reason for the delay was that I’d been informed I would have to cancel my subscription and re-subscribe due to the original credit card expiring. I wasn’t prepared to do this until I had confirmation from Glossy Box that they would transfer my glossy dots. They confirmed this by email and I read the email on my return from holiday.  Here is my opinions of the products in their handy pink box this month:

As this is my fifth Glossy Box I won’t go into too much detail about the box itself. Except to mention it’s very similar to the Boudoir Prive in colour and packaging but it has a shoe box style lift off lid.

I have found uses for all my empty glossy boxes. I have used them as gift boxes. They the best gift boxes in my opinion out of all the beauty boxes (Amarya, Boudoir Prive, Carmine and Feel Unique) due to the discreet branding and the romance of a pink gift box with a lift off lid. I have also used them to drawer organisers with the lids off. I keep a fascinator in another and craft bits in another. Glossy Box boxes are good.

Time for my impressions on the box contents:

Dermalogica Age Smart – MultiVitamin Thermafoliant (15ml)

Now I’ve realised this is a face wash I’m looking forward to trying it. Although I still love my Age Defiance Wipes. I have been a little converted to actually washing my face by the Murad Cleanser from the August Glossy Box.

Dermalogica Age Smart – Multivitamin Power Recover Masque (15ml)

Less than thrilled with this just because of the time and forward planning needed for a face mask. I am too lazy to invest time doing this when I have been sold on BIOeffect since it’s inclusion in the June Glossy Box.

Dermalogica Age Smart – Renewal Lip Complex (1ml) with beauty bag

Liking this low effort lip stuff and know I will use it because it’s easy to use. The beauty bag is alright, it’s a bit masculine looking to be enthused about though.

Leighton Denny Expert Nails – Colour & Care

I got the blue one ‘Sex Kitten’. I have tested this and I love the quality of the product. Whilst I would definitely have preferred the pink one ‘Babydoll’ and I am in the process of obtaining it through Beauty Box Swaps. I am keeping hold of Sex Kitten too because when I tested it I discovered it’s more silver than blue.

Stila – Smudge Stick Waterproof eyeliner (In Moray)

Was excited about this but the colour isn’t right for my colouring. So it’s consigned to Beauty Box Swaps I reckon. Had this been included in the box in a more universal colour I would have been thrilled with it.

Robert Piguet – Eau de Parfums

3 small sample bottles in an organza bag. The good news is I like two of the smells. My favourite is Visa which is similar to Thierry Muglar’s Angel but nicer in my opinion. I also like Calypso a more subtle and romantic fragrance. I am also pleased Glossy Box included the bag as I needed something to prettily accomodate all the many mini perfume samples beauty boxes keep sending us 😉

How do I rate the October Box overall? Sadly this is my least favourite Glossy Box to date. This is because although it’s not by any means a hopeless box. In my opinion it’s not as good as the others I have received from them. I think 50% of the box being dominated by one brand was a mistake.  I am also disappointed that the wow Stila product was not provided in a shade more suited to my colouring.

I am fortunately a loyal Glossy Box customer due to the many beauty gems they have introduced me to over the last 5 months. I am hoping this months ‘ok but not great box’ was a blip and normal service will be resumed next month. I think Glossy Box will need to up their game from this months box with new beauty box on the block  Carmine to consider.

The advantage of getting my box at the end of the month? Not long to wait for November’s box… yay!

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The Grand Opening of my October Boudoir Prive Box

My Boudoir Prive box arrived at some stage between 17th and  24th October when I was on my holiday, fortunately my lovely neighbour took care of it for me. Here is my overview review of what I found inside their beautiful pink box this month:

As this is my third Boudoir Prive Box I won’t go into too much detail about the box itself. Suffice to say it’s very similar to the Glossy Box in colour and packaging but it has a hinge style lid with a magnetic close.

I have found the Boudoir Prive boxes the most useful for storing cosmetics in on my dressing table as they are easiest to open with one hand. I currently have a little stack of boxes on my dressing table. My make-up sponges, applicators and cotton wool balls are stored in the Feel Unique draw style box. I have face and cheek products in one Glossy Box and two Boudoir Prive boxes one for lip stuff and one for eye stuff. However I am going to swap the glossy box with a this Boudoir Prive Box after writing this review.

I will let you know what I am using Glossy Boxes for when I write my review of their October box in the next day or two.

Now for my thoughts on what I found inside the box this month:

Cetuem – Illuminating Mask (5ml) & Creme de lite (5ml)

Two dinky tubes of product relevant to my mature skin but I’m not sure if I will test these or not as I am happy with the results I’m achieving with BIOeffect. I may gauge what interest there is in these as a swap on Beauty Box Swaps  If I find no takers swap wise I think I will test them out as they have a pleasant smell and I do have an age spot or two on my face, alternatively I may try these on my hands which are also showing some signs of aging: crepe-iness and freckle-iness.

Korres – Quince Body Butter (50ml)

I am far too lazy to be bothered with body lotion regardless of how lovely. I am impressed by the size of the sample and predict there will be takers for this on Beauty Box Swaps. My hands free solution to keeping my skin smooth and nourished is 10 drops of BioOil in my daily bath.

Leonor Greyl – Huile de Palme (25ml)

It has recently dawned on me that I can use some Beauty Box products on other family members. I do also plan on testing this out myself, but I am interested to test it on my 8 year olds hair too. I would be interested to see if it helps tame her growing locks which readily tangle/go into rats tails. For example it might be helpful to apply this to her hair pre-swimming lessons or overnight. It smells divine.

Memo Paris – Sundance Eau de Pafum Les Echappees

I am liking this perfume but I am not sure I’m loving it. I may use this sample, but I am open to swap it if the demand is there. I like it enough to wear but know won’t be on a quest to get my mitts on more as I was with Plum by Mary Greenwell from the September Glossy Box for example.

Rose & Co – Rose Petal Salve (20g)

I am always happy to receive a salve or a balm in my Beauty Box. This one is no exception. The scent/taste reminds me of cherry lips and it’s a full-sized product. I will certainly be using this product and I am keen to spend some more time researching this brand because I like the packaging, their website and of course this product.

Studio Make Up – Liner Styler Pen Black (1.1ml)

As someone who has never owned an eye-liner pen I was always going to be excited by this. It’s a black felt-tip pen for eyes. I’ve tested it and it’s fab. I am looking forward to experimenting with this some more.  It’s my favourite product in this month’s box. What’s yours?

You may recall I felt underwhelmed by the September Boudoir Prive Box. So how do I rate the October Box? My gut feeling is I am considerably happier with it this month. I am confident I will use at least 50% of the products. The sample sizes are more impressive this month too. This of course does not help me achieve my goal of  giving up a beauty box or two.

So would I class Boudoir Prive as one of the flashier, glossier, sparklier boxes which appeal to my ”Edgy with a touch of Glam’ beauty profile as defined by new beauty box on the block  Carmine? I am still undecided whether I can justify my Boudoir Prive subscription long term.

However this months Liner Pen has inspired me enough to continue my subscription until next month… I won’t have to wait long to see what’s in next months box…

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The Grand Opening of my October Feel Unique Box

My Feel Unique box arrived on 7th October. Here is my belated appraisal of what I got:

First a note about the box itself.  It’s different from it’s competitors AmaryaBoudoir Prive, Carmine and Glossy Box.  Although it is black in common with Carmine’s box, the style of the box is totally (Feel) Unique. This could possibly my favourite ‘box’ out of all the beauty boxes. It’s a drawer! It’s a sturdy black drawer which opens easily by pulling the pleasing fushia pink ribbon tag.

I read somewhere, somebody had the excellent idea of using the boxes to make a dinky chest of drawers (if this was you let me know and I will credit you and link to your blog/page/website). The box is lined in fushia pink and uses the same, by now very familiar, packaging material as Boudoir Prive and Glossy Box.

Now for my impressions of those all important contents:

Bliss Fabulous Foaming Face Wash

Very generous 60ml bottle. Has a pleasant and delicate scent. I’ve heard good things about Bliss and I am looking forward to testing it out. Yes I know I am a lazy face wipe kinda girl but the Murad cleanser from the August Glossy Box may have slightly converted me to a bit of face washing using *shock horror* water. I’ve realised it’s not so much of an effort if done while bathing.

Orly Nail Lacquer (5ml)

I got this in the terracotta. Bright orange more like. Not my usual choice of colour but I’m kind of liking it. My initial thoughts before testing this were beauty box swap it for another shade or pass onto my friend who wears bright polishes.  But now I’m looking at my ‘pinky’ nail, which is covered with two coats, I’m slightly smitten with it. It’s perfect for Halloween! I also think it will also look lovely with a tan on holidays. It was easy to apply and looks good. Against all my expectations this has the makings of a keeper.

Tigi Catwalk Sleek Mystique Straight Collection Blow Out Balm (90ml)

Almost everything about this excites me: the brand, the packaging, the size of the product, the fragrance, the serumy look and feel of the product. The only concern I have is that I am generally, 9 times out of 10 (or more), am just too lazy to blow dry. However if I am successful at my Benefit store approval tomorrow I will have to take more care with my grooming and if the results are good this could be a keeper too.

Caudalie Vinexpert Radiance Day Fluid SPF10 (10ml)

As you may already be aware I am not really all that interested in lotions and creams for face and body as I love the products I already use. However I think I will be keeping this too.  This is because it boasts an SPF so is very useful for lazy Lucy Brown. I’ve just tested it on my hands and the scent is subtle and zesty. It soaks easily into the skin and appears to leave a matt finish with a beautifully subtle and satisfying sparkle.

Crabtree and Evelyn India Hicks Island Living Spider Lily Ultra Moisturising Hand Therapy (25g)

My regular readers will know I am not a big fan of hand creams. I have lightly tested, just now, this for the purposes of the review. It’s pleasant enough and only leaves a light residue and subtle fragrance. But unfortunately due to my lotiony hands aversion this is one to beauty box swap.

*Another plus point for the Feel Unique box is they offer a straightforward uniform discount of 10% of all the brands featured in the box, but you have to make your mind up quick because the code expires at the end of the month!*

Burberry Eau De Parfum (2ml)

Like it enough to use but not enough to buy. The sample bottle is a spray which is more satisfying than the teeny sample bottles you sometimes find in beauty boxes.

So what’s my overall verdict on my first Feel Unique box? I am really pleased 5 out of 6 of the products. This presents me with a conundrum as I really need to give up a beauty box or two. But they are all so good this month. I really rate both the packaging and the contents of the Feel Unique box so it’s a keeper. Well done Feel Unique, I highly recommend you as one of the flashier, glossier, sparklier boxes which appeal to my ”Edgy with a touch of Glam’ beauty profile as defined by new beauty box on the block  Carmine.

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The Grand Opening of my October Carmine Box

My Carmine box arrived earlier this month. This is what I got:

First a note about the box itself.  It’s very different from it’s competitors AmaryaBoudoir Prive, Feel Unique and Glossy Box.  Although it is black in common with Feel Unique’s box, the style of the box is unique to Carmine. The box is very sturdy indeed. It has a lift off lid, the full depth of the box. I find this lid really difficult to prise off, I’m not sure if other subscribers have also found this?

The  textured black box is fully lined in a vibrant green with a carmine logo repeat. The pink Carmine logo is also featured on the top of the box marvellously metallic and textured and this logo is reinforced and underlined by embossed white text ‘Carmine’. It’s an impressive box Carmine but please make them easier to get in for us impatient Beauty Box openers ‘we just want too see what’s inside!!!’.

Somehow I have managed not to open the tissue or the ribbon yet so this review is a genuine first impressions review of the actual opening of my first Carmine box. Do you want to know what’s inside? *realises the question would be more intriguing if many of you didn’t already know given my belated review*

Balance Me – Super Moisturising Hand Cream

Generous 30ml tube. Has a pleasant and familiar smell. I’m not a fan of hand cream personally but I am confident I can Beauty Box Swap this for something I will use.

A promo code for £5 off orders of £30 or more is included.

Daniel Sandler – Eye Delight

I got this in the peach. It’s a full-size 3g pot. Looks interesting. I’ve tested it and I think I like it, although it’s not a colour I would usually go for. It is actually a good high-lighter for the Frat Boy in my opinion.

A 10% promo code is included.

Trind – Nail Repair Natural

Very excited about this not only because my nails need TLC at the moment (a big thumbs up to Carmine for telepathically knowing this)  but also because I love the bottle. It’s full-size 9ml too 🙂 This is definitely a keeper! Not been able to test this yet as I can’t find my nail varnish remover.

A mystery special offer code is included

The Balm – FratBoy All-in-one shadow/blush

I am so impressed by this. So very, very impressed! This 2 in 1 fills a 8.5g (full-size) gap in my make-up bag for a matt day-timey blusher. I love the packaging too! It’s retro looking and reminds me of Benefit packaging. I’ve tried this it’s 100% a keeper. Carmine you are spoiling us.

Cauderlie – Quenching Sorbet-Creme

10ml tube. My regular readers will know I am a pest where lotions and creams are concerned as they hold no interest for me as I am very satisfied with the products I already use. One to beauty box swap.

Carminees can also get their mitts on a FREE travel set worth £12.50 for purchases of £40 or more.

So what’s my overall verdict on Carmine’s very first box? I am wowed, thrilled and excited :-). The box does include a couple of products I won’t use and one I’m iffy about but having said that it represents amazingly good value and I am sold on the strength of the Frat Boy and Nail Repair. I highly recommend Carmine as one of the flashier, glossier, sparklier boxes which appeal to my ”Edgy with a touch of Glam’ beauty profile as defined by  Carmine themselves.

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The Grand Opening of my October Amarya Box

My Amarya box arrived on Thursday 6th October. This is what I got:

First a note about the box itself. The Amarya box is not about the box. This is a useful box but it is not pretty or glam in the way of it’s competitors Boudoir Prive, Carmine, Feel Unique and Glossy Box. I can best describe it as similar to a white shoebox.  However the minimal packaging seems in keeping with the brand and you do also get a branded cotton bag. Personally I prefer the prettier boxes and I have not yet run out of uses for them, but I applaud Amarya for their focus on contents rather than fancy pants packaging. So what were those all important contents?

Terre d’Oc Powder Eye Shadow

My favourite product in the box. I got the 502 beige nacré Natara. This is a full-sized product, 0.028oz. It’s very pretty, sparkly, 99% natural and versatile too. Can also be used on face and body including lips and decollete.  I love the fact that the sparkles are provided by mother of pearl. I also rate the unusual packaging which was apparently inspired by traditional Indian Bindis.

Madara Eco Face Travel Set

Impressive dinky kit which made me go ‘ooooooooohhh’ but then sigh ‘arrrrrrrhhhh’ because I know I won’t use it. The kit includes a tube of cleansing milk (25ml), 2 sachets of toner (5mlx2), a tube of deep moisture fluid (5ml), a tube of regenerating night cream (5ml) and a sachet of eye repair cream (3ml). It would make a lovely travel set or gift but I know I’m just too low maintenance to be faffed with all the little tubes and sachets when I am already happy with my lazy girl’s routine of wipe with Age Defiance Wipes followed by BIOeffect serum = simples and effective 🙂

NEOM – Organic Body Lotion, Real Luxury

A generous 50ml bottle. Sorry Amarya I don’t do body lotion though. This is because I’m too lazy and have an aversion to getting my hands ‘lotioney’. I personally find a few drops of Bio Oil in my daily bath to be a much easier way of keeping my skin nourished and smooth. Obviously it’s not Amarya’s fault body lotion doesn’t excite me. I am confident I will find somebody to Beauty Box Swap this with on my facebook page.

Lavera – Eye Gel

1ml sachet, BIOeffect already ticks this box for me. For those interested in eye gel I am not sure a 1ml sachet provides a meaningful sample to check if this product works for them before investing in the full-sized product.

Dr. Hauschka – Daily Revitalising Eye Cream

1.5ml sachet, BIOeffect already ticks this box for me. For those interested in eye cream I am not sure a 1.5ml sachet provides a meaningful sample to check if this product works for them before investing in the full-sized product.

So what’s my overall verdict on Amarya’s October box? It provides good overall good value for money, but personally just doesn’t thrill me. However if you are enthusiastic about organic beauty and are excited by trying lotions and potions for face and body you will love this box. As finances are extremely limited in the Brown household I cancelled my subscription before opening the box. I recommend Amarya but realise my ‘Edgy with a touch of Glam’ beauty profile (as defined by new Beauty Box on the Block Carmine). Is better suited to the flashier, glossier, sparklier boxes.

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Lucy Brown goes to Town – Barista Bistro Night

On the last Saturday of every month Barista,  at The Rock Bury, holds a Bistro Night.

Last Saturday’s event coincided thoughtfully with mine and Mr Brown’s 9th wedding anniversary, so we booked Mr Brown’s parents to babysit and gave it a whirl.

The evening promised ‘fabulous food, great service & entertainment’ and delivered on all three in my opinion.


Lucy Brown – Oven Baked Camenbert – served in it’s Box with jambon wrapped breadsticks, side salad and balsamic reduction

Mr Brown –  Soup of the day – Freshly prepared, with fresh mixed herbs & served with lightly toasted garlic ciabatta

Mr Brown doesn’t do cheese so I generously swapped some of my bread with his.


Lucy Brown – Wild mushroom and brie risotto cake – Topped with pan fried chicken and drizzled with mushroom and brandy sauce

This dish tickled me because I’d only read the title and not the description before ordering. This meant the chicken ‘garnish’ on my mushroom and brie risotto cake came as an amusing but not unwelcome surprise.

Mr Brown – Boeuf Bourginon – Mature Beef slow cooked in red wine, with shallots, mushrooms & bacon, served with creamed mash

As Mr Brown is not a fan of mash he requested chips but understood when these were not available and his request for crushed new potatoes (as served with the salmon main) was granted.


Mr & Mrs Brown – A trio of desserts – Showcasing three traditional French recipes, all on the same plate, serving up mini versions of the classic creme brulee, dark chocolate tart & hand made Florentine biscuits, served with clotted cream & berry coulis.

I missed the clotted cream but was too lazy too request it. The Creme Brulee was not even slightly set… but this minor detail did not stop me polishing off mine and Mr Brown’s! Mr Brown adored the florentines and my favourite was the tart.

We also shared an excellent bottle of pink and in the interests of fully testing out the menu between us we tried all the cocktails and the Ameretto cappucino. The Cosmopolitan was excellent.

Entertainment was charmingly provided by a young chap called James on guitar accompanied by a female companion.

It was a fitting celebration for 9 years happily married to Mr Brown.

Lucy Brown recommends Barista Bistro nights and may even suggest making it a girls night out next time.

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The Grand Opening of my September Boudoir Prive Box

My Boudoir Prive box arrived on Friday. This is what I got:

Colbert MD – Nourish: Eye Cream

I have become a tricky customer now for face creams, eye creams, serums etc. Because I am 100% sold on the benefits of BIOeffect , from the June Glossy Box, which means I don’t really require any other products of this ilk. I will however endeavour to test this out over the next few days to see what effect it has…

Macadamia- Hair Repair

I’ve just applied some of this product to my hair and I can’t see or feel any difference. However my hair is currently already in lovely condition from using the Sachajuan from the August Boudoir Prive Box. The oil smells lovely and I will keep hold of this product for possible future hair emergencies.

Zoya – Nail Polish

In Marina. I tested this immediately and found it to be an interesting colour, which I would best describe as a metallic bluey grey. However this full-size product has not swayed me from Ciate, which I first tried when I got Beach Melba in my July Glossy Box. I personally found the consistency of the Zoya Polish too thick, which made it difficult to apply. Also included in the box was a Zoya colour spoon plate . The idea is you can put the colour spoon onto your nail so you can see whether the colour suits you before you buy. This extra did intrigue and excite me a little however it is unlikely to entice me to try any of the colours as the consistency of the Marina has put me off. Is it just me? or did anyone else find the polish on the gloopy side?

Cargo Cosmetics – Boogie Nights Eye Pencil

In Aqua (a turquoise colour). I am going to try to swap this on Beauty Box Swaps for one in a different colour as I already have an Urban Decay 24/7 glide on eye pencil in Electric, a similar colour, from their most excellent 15 year anniversary collection.

Agent Provocateur – L’Agent

Intense but not unpleasant fragrance. I expect I will use the sample but probably won’t seek out any more of this fragrance. I personally prefer Plum by Mary Greenwell from my September Glossy Box.

Tropic Skincare – Body Smooth

From the company founded by the Apprentice’s Susan Ma. I am looking forward to trying this and I plan to test it on my feet as recommended by the Tropic website as my feet are certainly in need of some TLC.

also included was:

Mai Couture – Blot and Bronze

A two sheet sample, on a postcard. I will test these next time I am shiny.

So what’s my overall verdict on this months box? In all honesty I am feeling underwhelmed with it at the moment. I don’t know whether this is because I am generally feeling flat and low, obviously through no fault of Boudoir Prive, whether I am suffering from Beauty Box fatigue as the founder of Beauty Box Swaps or whether I personally am more suited to the Glossy Box offer.

As finances are extremely limited in the Brown household I am even reluctantly considering cancelling my subscription to Boudoir Prive, certainly not in a fit of pique as they haven’t done anything to upset me, I wasn’t overly concerned about the dispatch delay. I know I feel 100% bonded to Glossy Box as I feel distraught at the thought of losing it. But then I do also feel a certain loyalty Boudoir Prive as I am grateful they introduced me to Sachajuan last month which I would have never otherwise tried and my hair is very glad I did.  So I’m going to test out the products from this months box and think about it… what do you think readers?

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Lucy Loves: Sachajuan Conditioner

As I wait patiently for my September Boudoir Prive box to arrive I thought you might like to hear more about my very favourite product from their August box.

I love Sachajuan conditioner because I get loads of compliments when I use it. People ask if I’ve had my hair done? or enquire what styling product I’ve used?

In reality I am a very lazy girl with my hair. I rarely use styling products and seldom blow dry or style it.

I love using Sachajuan conditioner because it makes me feel super pampered. I have even honed my very own Sachajuan ritual:

1. Squeeze a 10p piece size of conditioner into hand. I found this tricky and could only manage it by removing the lid, or standing the bottle on his head for a while before dispensing from the lid, as intended. Did anybody else have this problem?

2. Massage conditioner into hands and nails, I do this because, my Lucy Logic figures that what’s good for my hair will also benefit my nails.

3. Massage conditioner into hair and scalp.

4. Finally use conditioner on hands as shaving lotion for underarms. Did you know conditioner also provides excellent lubrication for shaving?

As my hair is short tangling isn’t really an issue for me. However as the conditioner fulfils it’s promise of leaving hair with ‘bounce and a silky shine’ I believe it would successfully de-tangle hair more prone to tangling. Can anybody verify this? Please comment on your view of this conditioner below.

In my first impressions review of the August Boudoir Prive Box. I observed that the packaging used for this conditioner is ‘medicine bottley’ Having used this conditioner on a daily basis, since it was gifted to me in my BP box, I feel the packaging is very appropriate because, in my opinion, this conditioner has proved to be a real tonic for my hair.

Could be my first full-sized beauty box inspired purchase? I am using Neal & Wolf harmony from my September Glossy Box at the moment… will it match the performance of my beloved Sachajuan? watch this space…

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Lucy Loves: Ciate

I really don’t understand why Ciate are finding it so hard to reach their goal of 1500 likers on their Facebook Page. After all there is the incentive of four prizes of 2 of their fabulous paint pots.

Not only do these paint pots look super glam on your dressing table the nail polish is lush and somehow seems to feed your nails with goodness.

I was vaguely aware of Ciate’s look but I’d never tried the product until I was fortunate enough to receive their Beach Melba paint pot in my July Glossy Box. After trying out the polish I realised that Ciate paint pots are ‘not just a pretty face’ and the quality of the product inside is equally impressive.

I am utterly smitten with Ciate. If you also love this brand or even if this short blog has got your interest pop over to their Facebook Page click like and you may even be one of the lucky four who win’s a prize! Let me know if you do, won’t you?

What do you think of Ciate?

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Lucy Loves: pure age defiance wipes

I use these wipes every day. They are the best wipes ever!

My lazy girls routine is wipe face with these vitamin E enriched wipes then apply BIOeffect. The wipes are effective at removing make-up and leave my skin looking and feeling good.  I repeat this ritual every morning and some evenings.

A good friend of mine recommended these wipes to me, she suffers from eczema, and she says they can be relied upon not to irritate her sensitive skin.

You can buy 2 packets of these wipes for a £1 from poundland. These would be my preferred wipes regardless of the cost.

You may recall I referred to these wipes in my first impressions review of the August Glossy Box.

The name of these wipes also amuses me. I initially misread the packet and assumed they were called something more expected such as age defence. I smile to myself as ‘I think I am defiant in the face of aging’.

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