The Grand Opening of my August Boudoir Prive Box

I love presents and I also love surprises, of the good variety, although this wasn’t always the case. I have also relatively late on in life discovered a love of make-up and beauty products. This interest has been building steadily since Christmas 2009 when I treated myself to Urban Decay‘s Book of Shadows Volume II.

So it will probably come as no surprise that I have totally failed to resist the new Beauty Box subscription services. I have been with Glossy Box since June, so sadly missed their much feted May Box. I wasn’t going to make the same mistake with Boudoir Prive though and I managed to get their limited edition August Box.

It arrived early today, but I have somehow resisted opening it because I wanted to share this adventure with you.

I am going to open it, take pictures and share my immediate reactions to and impressions of the contents. I will add more through product reviews at a later date after I have tried and tested the products more fully.

It is possible I may even choose to swap some items using my facebook page Beauty Box Swaps.

I do like the Boudoir Prive Box. It’s very similar in colour scheme to Glossy Box but they have opted for a flap-over lid with magnetic fastening. They have also gone for a pink ribbon, which is wider and more satiny than their competitor. The packaging material inside the tissue paper appears identical to that of their rival. I also love the super glossy looking glass sticker.













OLAVIE – Antioxidant Body Butter

First impressions of the packaging are it’s a bit dull and not very glam, I would have preferred a mini version of the full-sized product. The product itself smells yummy. I tested a tiny bit on my hand and it was lovely and light and sank in without leaving any greasy residue.








JANE IREDALE – PureLash Extender and Conditioner

Happier with the look of the packaging as it is a mini version of the product. However when I say mini I mean teeny tiny. The instructions say to apply before applying mascara. So I will try it out over the next few days. Trying to ignore the resemblence of the product to Tippex.

SACHAJUAN – Conditioner

Yay, this product is a full-sized 100 ml. The packaging looks a bit medicine bottley to me. It has a subtle fragrance. I will trial this and let you know if I have any dramatic results.





BLOOM – Green tea & White tea duo

I do like herbal tea or ‘freaky tea’ as my colleague used to refer to it so I am looking forward to trying these. I like the packaging too as it is very informative about both brewing process and benefits. I will let you know my verdict on these teas after tasting them.

BABOR – HSR Lifting Extra Firming Cream

The box excited me as it is shiny and similar to the full-sized box, the mini container inside is much plainer than the luxurious packaging of the original. It has a subtle fragrance and was absorbed easily into the back of my hand, however it does leave a slight residue on the skin.  Looking forward to testing this but it will mean giving up my BIOeffect routine for a week to fairly judge the results.


ETAT LIBRE D’ORANGE – Archives 69 & Rien

Buuuuuuuuuuuuuu! I got Archives 69 in my July Glossy Box so I can’t help being disappointed by the repeat. I will now have a sniff of Rien. Not keen… it smells of musky leather! The packaging is not worth a mention as it’s just bog standard perfume sample bottles with the company’s logo on.







So casting a critical eye over my first Boudoir Prive box. My initial impressions are it’s lacking the wow factor as it misses the instant gratification that can be provided by a lippy or a nail varnish. However be mindful of the fact that my favourite Glossy Box product up to now is BIOeffect which did not provide instant gratification but thrilled me, with it’s results over the days and weeks since it’s delivery, as it has truly delivered.  Watch this space for my more considered reviews when I test out the products.

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