The Grand Opening of my October Boudoir Prive Box

My Boudoir Prive box arrived at some stage between 17th and  24th October when I was on my holiday, fortunately my lovely neighbour took care of it for me. Here is my overview review of what I found inside their beautiful pink box this month:

As this is my third Boudoir Prive Box I won’t go into too much detail about the box itself. Suffice to say it’s very similar to the Glossy Box in colour and packaging but it has a hinge style lid with a magnetic close.

I have found the Boudoir Prive boxes the most useful for storing cosmetics in on my dressing table as they are easiest to open with one hand. I currently have a little stack of boxes on my dressing table. My make-up sponges, applicators and cotton wool balls are stored in the Feel Unique draw style box. I have face and cheek products in one Glossy Box and two Boudoir Prive boxes one for lip stuff and one for eye stuff. However I am going to swap the glossy box with a this Boudoir Prive Box after writing this review.

I will let you know what I am using Glossy Boxes for when I write my review of their October box in the next day or two.

Now for my thoughts on what I found inside the box this month:

Cetuem – Illuminating Mask (5ml) & Creme de lite (5ml)

Two dinky tubes of product relevant to my mature skin but I’m not sure if I will test these or not as I am happy with the results I’m achieving with BIOeffect. I may gauge what interest there is in these as a swap on Beauty Box Swaps  If I find no takers swap wise I think I will test them out as they have a pleasant smell and I do have an age spot or two on my face, alternatively I may try these on my hands which are also showing some signs of aging: crepe-iness and freckle-iness.

Korres – Quince Body Butter (50ml)

I am far too lazy to be bothered with body lotion regardless of how lovely. I am impressed by the size of the sample and predict there will be takers for this on Beauty Box Swaps. My hands free solution to keeping my skin smooth and nourished is 10 drops of BioOil in my daily bath.

Leonor Greyl – Huile de Palme (25ml)

It has recently dawned on me that I can use some Beauty Box products on other family members. I do also plan on testing this out myself, but I am interested to test it on my 8 year olds hair too. I would be interested to see if it helps tame her growing locks which readily tangle/go into rats tails. For example it might be helpful to apply this to her hair pre-swimming lessons or overnight. It smells divine.

Memo Paris – Sundance Eau de Pafum Les Echappees

I am liking this perfume but I am not sure I’m loving it. I may use this sample, but I am open to swap it if the demand is there. I like it enough to wear but know won’t be on a quest to get my mitts on more as I was with Plum by Mary Greenwell from the September Glossy Box for example.

Rose & Co – Rose Petal Salve (20g)

I am always happy to receive a salve or a balm in my Beauty Box. This one is no exception. The scent/taste reminds me of cherry lips and it’s a full-sized product. I will certainly be using this product and I am keen to spend some more time researching this brand because I like the packaging, their website and of course this product.

Studio Make Up – Liner Styler Pen Black (1.1ml)

As someone who has never owned an eye-liner pen I was always going to be excited by this. It’s a black felt-tip pen for eyes. I’ve tested it and it’s fab. I am looking forward to experimenting with this some more.  It’s my favourite product in this month’s box. What’s yours?

You may recall I felt underwhelmed by the September Boudoir Prive Box. So how do I rate the October Box? My gut feeling is I am considerably happier with it this month. I am confident I will use at least 50% of the products. The sample sizes are more impressive this month too. This of course does not help me achieve my goal of  giving up a beauty box or two.

So would I class Boudoir Prive as one of the flashier, glossier, sparklier boxes which appeal to my ”Edgy with a touch of Glam’ beauty profile as defined by new beauty box on the block  Carmine? I am still undecided whether I can justify my Boudoir Prive subscription long term.

However this months Liner Pen has inspired me enough to continue my subscription until next month… I won’t have to wait long to see what’s in next months box…

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