Lucy Brown Slimming Down (Day 21 & Day 22)


Yesterday was day 21 of my slimming down journey.

I weighed myself in the morning and I was still 14 stone dead on.

As it was a diet day I ate the following:

Exante milkshake

Diet Chef Soup

Some NUME diet snack and some cottage cheese & pineapple (200 cals approx)

A teeny Green & Blacks dark chocolate bar (free with Glossy Box)

A chunk of aero (gift off daughter)

Roasted mediterranean vegetables & pan fried chicken

When I weighed myself this morning (day 22) I was delighted to discover I now weigh 13 stone 13 so under 14 stone mark yay :-D.

Today was also a diet day and I have eaten:

An Exante milkshake

Diet Chef Minced Beef Hotpot

A Philadelphia portion & NUME diet snack (approx 150 cals)

Diet Chef Cottage Pie

I am going to be a naughty girl and cheat a little this evening by sharing a bottle of red wine with my hubby while we watch the Apprentice.

I’ve lost 6lbs so far on this diet in 3 weeks with only 8 days dieting I am optimistic that the 5:2 way of eating is proving the right way for me to slim down for life.

Are you on your own slimming down journey? How are you getting on? do you have any tips for me / my readers? Please comment below:

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Lucy Brown Slimming Down (Day 16)



Day 16 of my slimming down journey.

I think I am preferring splitting the diet days. I don’t seem to feel as hungry and deprived today.

Today so far I have had:

An Actimel yoghurt drink for breakfast

A Diet Chef soup for lunch

A Graze fruit snack with a small (pre packed) cheese portion

I am going to have another diet chef soup for tea

I was planning on going to a yoga class this morning but my good intentions were scuppered because my youngest daughter has been off school poorly today.

I am definitely going to a pilates class (45 mins) tomorrow.

I was also made some sensible choices yesterday even though it wasn’t a diet day.

I had an Exante shake for breakfast

A small cappuchino

Avoided the wafer biscuits on offer on my training course.

Chose stuffed peppers and tap water for lunch (even though most of my colleagues chose an alcoholic drink)

Then when I got in I had a snack of two ryvitas with light philadelphia and sweet chilli sauce

Then later I had an evening meal with my husband of lemon sole, oven chips & Brocolli

Then we shared two bottles of champagne watching The Apprentice, Dallas & the Apprentice You’re Fired. (well it was only £7 a bottle from the Co-op)

I’ve been reflecting on my alcohol intake today, which is currently around 5 bottles of wine a week. Which equates to a bottle of wine on every non restricted day. I am going to aim to cut this down by initially cutting down to just sharingg one bottle of wine with hubby on two of these days. I appreciate this will only save one bottle of wine a week, but 9 units is still a worthwhile reduction for now.

I am still hoping to make it under the 14 stone mark this week.

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Lucy Brown Slimming Down (Day 14)



It’s diet day one of week 3 of my slimming down journey. I weighed myself this morning and the good news is I have only gained a 1lb since my last diet day last Wednesday. This means I am making progress, I am slimming down. I am starting my diet days this week 3lbs lighter than when I started slimming down. Admittedly this is slow progress, but I am inching in the right direction.

Today so far I have had 2 Exante milkshakes, a cappuccino (ordered by mistake) & a Diet Chef soup. I am planning on surviving this evening on herbal teas and decaf expresso.

This week I am trying something a little different. I am splitting my diet days. This is because I have a training day tomorrow with Benefit and I want to be at my best (impossible for me on a diet day). So my next diet day will be Thursday this week.

I am looking forward to catching up with Dallas and The Apprentice tomorrow & sharing some wine with hubby.

Do you prefer to split your diet days are get them over with on consecutive days? 

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Lucy Brown Slimming Down (Day 9)


Weighed and measured today following 2 diet days.

I now weigh 14 stone 1lb (original starting weight 14 stone 5lb)

My waist is now 39 inches (original starting measurement 43 inches)

This week I have lost 3lbs and 2 inches off my waist.

Last week I also lost 3lbs and 2 inches off my waist but 2lb went back on, on the unrestricted days.

I am going to try and maintain my progress better this week by eating more healthily.

However this evening I am look forward to a couple of glasses of wine and catching up with Dallas 😀

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Lucy Brown Slimming Down (Day 7/ Day 8)


Kinda did my own interpretation of the Exante soup and shake diet yesterday. Started the day with a shake. Then had to improvise for lunch as ate out with a friend. Ended up having mushroom soup and a black coffee. The problem being the soup came with croutons and a small breadroll, which I ‘had’ to eat but I couldn’t just eat the roll I ‘had’ to ask for some butter (just the one foiled portion) oops. I later had another shake, then because I was craving real food, had veg stir fry, then it was bedtime and I couldn’t face an Exante soup or a shake so I had a fat free Actimel just to take the edge of my hunger. Just remembered I also had 2 white chocolate buttons as my girls saved me one each.

Today so far is going well… Started the day with a shake, did the school run on foot (20 mins) & for lunch I’ve had a bag of rocket (spray with olive oil and drizzled with balsamic vinegar) with scrambled eggs (made with tsp olive oil) & smoked salmon.

Interestingly the thought of soups and shakes is leading me to choose healthier meal options. The only problem being these are supposed to be my fasting days and I’m not tracking my calorie intake when I veer off Exante.

When I jumped on the scales this morning I was showing just 1lb lighter than yesterday. I will be interested to see what the scales say tomorrow following both ‘diet’ days. However as my primary focus is dress size it’s waist measurement that I really ought to be gauging my slimming down progress by.

When I got in from college I ate an exact repeat of lunch.

That was around 8pm and now I’m starving and craving wine 😦

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Lucy Brown Slimming Down (Day 2/ Day3)

ImageYay I’ve made it to day 3 which means that I can eat food for 5 days 🙂

But before I have my breakfast… here’s how I got on the rest of yesterday…

I tried the vanilla shake for lunch it was pleasant enough.

Then I went slightly awry, nothing major but I had some carrot sticks when my daughters were eating them after school.

Then I had some plain pan fried chicken and cucumber with Mr Brown & my daughters at tea time.

I later tried the vegetable soup but used more water than stated in the instructions. I found this improved the texture.

In other news I haven’t tried the dress on that I would like to wear for the weddings but I have checked it out and it’s a size 16, as I’m currently a size 18, this will spur me on to achieve my interim goal of dropping a dress size.

Weighed myself again today (bad habit I know) & I’m still showing at 14 stone 2lbs, so a 3lb loss as it stands. I do feel a little apprehensive about what’s going to happen when I start eating. I have to keep reminding myself that this is not a quick fix but a long term lifestyle change. Losing 1-2lbs a week is good enough. I could realistically be a stone lighter and a dress size smaller by the time of my sisters’ wedding in 10 weeks time. 

My plans for today are a 45 min Pilates class, meeting a friend for coffee, going to visit our new kitten (who’s coming home from the breeder’s in 5 weeks) and my first attempt at making cupcakes (for an event at work tomorrow).

Also as it’s Friday I am looking forward to a couple of glasses of wine this evening 🙂


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Lucy Brown Slimming Down


I’m once again returning to The Adventures of Lucy Brown. To document my slimming down journey. Last week I spotted a deal on Wowcher for Exante shakes and soups this was the final push I needed to take control of my dress size, which at size 18 is 2 sizes bigger than my ideal dress size of 14. I was initially planning on going the whole hog and doing this VLCD for 4 weeks. Then prompted by the Exante website I realised I could use the shakes and soups to do the less harsh 2 day diet. The benefits of my opting to do the 2 day diet instead of VLCD are many:

Better role model for my daughters if I can at least eat with the family 5 days a week

Less harsh

Shakes & soups supply will last longer

More likely to stick to the diet

More of a sustainable lifestyle change

That’s the theory anyway.

So today is the first day of soups and shakes.

Today so far I’ve had a strawberry shake

A white tea

A Nettle & Peppermint tea

I’ve done the school run with a (mini) Cello on my back – 20 mins

& a 90 min Yoga class

I weighed in this morning at 14 stone 5/ 91.2 Kgs

My waist measurement is *gasp* 43 inches/ 110cms

Are you on your own slimming down journey?

Are you doing the 2 day diet?

Slimming down buddies are always welcome

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