Lucy Brown goes to Town – Barista Bistro Night

On the last Saturday of every month Barista,  at The Rock Bury, holds a Bistro Night.

Last Saturday’s event coincided thoughtfully with mine and Mr Brown’s 9th wedding anniversary, so we booked Mr Brown’s parents to babysit and gave it a whirl.

The evening promised ‘fabulous food, great service & entertainment’ and delivered on all three in my opinion.


Lucy Brown – Oven Baked Camenbert – served in it’s Box with jambon wrapped breadsticks, side salad and balsamic reduction

Mr Brown –  Soup of the day – Freshly prepared, with fresh mixed herbs & served with lightly toasted garlic ciabatta

Mr Brown doesn’t do cheese so I generously swapped some of my bread with his.


Lucy Brown – Wild mushroom and brie risotto cake – Topped with pan fried chicken and drizzled with mushroom and brandy sauce

This dish tickled me because I’d only read the title and not the description before ordering. This meant the chicken ‘garnish’ on my mushroom and brie risotto cake came as an amusing but not unwelcome surprise.

Mr Brown – Boeuf Bourginon – Mature Beef slow cooked in red wine, with shallots, mushrooms & bacon, served with creamed mash

As Mr Brown is not a fan of mash he requested chips but understood when these were not available and his request for crushed new potatoes (as served with the salmon main) was granted.


Mr & Mrs Brown – A trio of desserts – Showcasing three traditional French recipes, all on the same plate, serving up mini versions of the classic creme brulee, dark chocolate tart & hand made Florentine biscuits, served with clotted cream & berry coulis.

I missed the clotted cream but was too lazy too request it. The Creme Brulee was not even slightly set… but this minor detail did not stop me polishing off mine and Mr Brown’s! Mr Brown adored the florentines and my favourite was the tart.

We also shared an excellent bottle of pink and in the interests of fully testing out the menu between us we tried all the cocktails and the Ameretto cappucino. The Cosmopolitan was excellent.

Entertainment was charmingly provided by a young chap called James on guitar accompanied by a female companion.

It was a fitting celebration for 9 years happily married to Mr Brown.

Lucy Brown recommends Barista Bistro nights and may even suggest making it a girls night out next time.

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Silent Sunday – 18/09/11

Silent Sunday

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Silent Sunday – 14/08/11

/>Silent Sunday

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I got a party bag too!

Trio Of Desserts

I love parties! They are one of my favourite types of adventure. I recently had the pleasure of attending my nephew Aled’s 3rd birthday party. I have noted some innovative and excellent party ideas courtesy of minibreak mummy: grown up desserts by Eazycuizine, as pictured above (I of course had to try one of each) and super glam party bags for the mummies.

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Crazy Lunch for my Crazy Chicks

Time to introduce you to my daughters, the shades of Brown, Amber & Sienna.  Amber is 7 and Sienna is 6. They have just had their lunch: Dinosaur Ham, Tomatoes (Sienna), Pod Peas grown by next door Chris (Amber) & Pink Popcorn! Balanced meal?

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