The Grand Opening of my October Feel Unique Box

My Feel Unique box arrived on 7th October. Here is my belated appraisal of what I got:

First a note about the box itself.  It’s different from it’s competitors AmaryaBoudoir Prive, Carmine and Glossy Box.  Although it is black in common with Carmine’s box, the style of the box is totally (Feel) Unique. This could possibly my favourite ‘box’ out of all the beauty boxes. It’s a drawer! It’s a sturdy black drawer which opens easily by pulling the pleasing fushia pink ribbon tag.

I read somewhere, somebody had the excellent idea of using the boxes to make a dinky chest of drawers (if this was you let me know and I will credit you and link to your blog/page/website). The box is lined in fushia pink and uses the same, by now very familiar, packaging material as Boudoir Prive and Glossy Box.

Now for my impressions of those all important contents:

Bliss Fabulous Foaming Face Wash

Very generous 60ml bottle. Has a pleasant and delicate scent. I’ve heard good things about Bliss and I am looking forward to testing it out. Yes I know I am a lazy face wipe kinda girl but the Murad cleanser from the August Glossy Box may have slightly converted me to a bit of face washing using *shock horror* water. I’ve realised it’s not so much of an effort if done while bathing.

Orly Nail Lacquer (5ml)

I got this in the terracotta. Bright orange more like. Not my usual choice of colour but I’m kind of liking it. My initial thoughts before testing this were beauty box swap it for another shade or pass onto my friend who wears bright polishes.  But now I’m looking at my ‘pinky’ nail, which is covered with two coats, I’m slightly smitten with it. It’s perfect for Halloween! I also think it will also look lovely with a tan on holidays. It was easy to apply and looks good. Against all my expectations this has the makings of a keeper.

Tigi Catwalk Sleek Mystique Straight Collection Blow Out Balm (90ml)

Almost everything about this excites me: the brand, the packaging, the size of the product, the fragrance, the serumy look and feel of the product. The only concern I have is that I am generally, 9 times out of 10 (or more), am just too lazy to blow dry. However if I am successful at my Benefit store approval tomorrow I will have to take more care with my grooming and if the results are good this could be a keeper too.

Caudalie Vinexpert Radiance Day Fluid SPF10 (10ml)

As you may already be aware I am not really all that interested in lotions and creams for face and body as I love the products I already use. However I think I will be keeping this too.  This is because it boasts an SPF so is very useful for lazy Lucy Brown. I’ve just tested it on my hands and the scent is subtle and zesty. It soaks easily into the skin and appears to leave a matt finish with a beautifully subtle and satisfying sparkle.

Crabtree and Evelyn India Hicks Island Living Spider Lily Ultra Moisturising Hand Therapy (25g)

My regular readers will know I am not a big fan of hand creams. I have lightly tested, just now, this for the purposes of the review. It’s pleasant enough and only leaves a light residue and subtle fragrance. But unfortunately due to my lotiony hands aversion this is one to beauty box swap.

*Another plus point for the Feel Unique box is they offer a straightforward uniform discount of 10% of all the brands featured in the box, but you have to make your mind up quick because the code expires at the end of the month!*

Burberry Eau De Parfum (2ml)

Like it enough to use but not enough to buy. The sample bottle is a spray which is more satisfying than the teeny sample bottles you sometimes find in beauty boxes.

So what’s my overall verdict on my first Feel Unique box? I am really pleased 5 out of 6 of the products. This presents me with a conundrum as I really need to give up a beauty box or two. But they are all so good this month. I really rate both the packaging and the contents of the Feel Unique box so it’s a keeper. Well done Feel Unique, I highly recommend you as one of the flashier, glossier, sparklier boxes which appeal to my ”Edgy with a touch of Glam’ beauty profile as defined by new beauty box on the block  Carmine.

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Lucy Brown & Benefit: Store Approval

I promised I would keep you in touch with my Benefit adventure. I apologise it’s been a long time since my previous Lucy Brown & Benefit Posts: Lucy Brown & Benefit, The Recruitment Event and The Interview. I have been very busy with my am dram actress adventure playing Vera in Willy Russell’s Breezeblock Park. The demanding rehearsal and performance schedule also delayed my progress to becoming a fully fledged Benebabe.

On Friday I am going for my third attempt at store approval at the Trafford Centre please keep your fingers crossed for me that I will be third time lucky. I don’t know much about this vacancy but I understand it is temporary for the Christmas period. I am hoping if I am successful it will lead to a permanent post in the future.

My previous two attempts at store approval sadly proved unsuccessful.

On 22nd August, just three days after my interview. I went to Boots at Middlebrook retail park. However unfortunately my prior commitment to playing Vera meant I was unable to work Thursdays or Sundays which were a requirement. I was surprised that I had been put forward for this vacancy as I had already explained about my rehearsal commitments. I also found out my favourite uncle died straight after this interview:-(

On 2nd September I went to House of Fraser in Manchester City Centre. I absolutely loved my stint ‘Traffic Stopping’ in this store. I also managed to sell four products in an hour which I felt was pretty impressive prior to training. However a few days later I finally discovered I’d unfortunately been unsuccessful as they preferred one of the other candidates as she would ‘blend better with the existing team members’. I wondered if my being older at 39 may have contributed to this perception. I also reflected that the fact that I was 100% focussed on my customers, and the resulting sales, meant that I neglected to socialise sufficiently with the rest of the team and this may have also put me at a disadvantage.

I subsequently suggested to the person who recruited me that we should wait until the play had finished before putting me forward to any further stores. This is because when they enquire when I’m available to work? I want to be able to reply with a willing ‘when do you need me?’. Wish me luck testing this theory out on Friday!

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Lucy Brown & Benefit: The Interview

It looks like my adventure with Benefit could have some legs.

Today at 5pm I attended the interview. They asked some challenging questions I had to think really hard to answer them, but answer them I did.

The outcome of the interview is that I am going to be working for them part-time for a minimum of 7 hours. I requested part-time not only for reasons of work/family life balance but also so that I can pursue my other career interests paid and unpaid.

Benefit were fortunately happy to work round my PADOS rehearsal schedule, I’m playing Vera in Willy Russell’s Breezeblock Park. You may recall I was also signed to a background artists (extras) agency this week. I remain interested in doula-ing and baby massage instructing too.

I feel very proud of myself to have got through Benefit’s challenging 3 stage recruitment process. The next stage in the Benefit process is store approval.

I will keep you updated as my Benefit Tale develops… woo hoo I’m very nearly a BeneBabe!

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Lucy Brown & Benefit: The Recruitment Event

I attended the Benefit Recruitment Event at the Trafford Centre today.

The event started at 10am. The first stage was a brief screening interview. At this stage we found out if we had got through to the next stage which involved coming back at 1pm wearing black.

I was successful however they were not happy with my trusty, comfy, everyday footwear of choice Fit Flops, for health and safety reasons. I had hoped these would be okay as they were black and sequiny but readily accepted that I would ‘reluctanly’ have to go shoe shopping… *such a shame*

This presented a dilemma should I:

a. Invest a little more in a useful addition to my shoe wardrobe


b. Buy some less flattering cheap pumps

After looking at several pairs of shoes, and trying on quite a few, I reluctantly compromised on some cute mary-jane black pumps £15 from Office. I do not ❤ them but they were comfy and I decided I may get also get some am dram wear out of them too.

I am going to be discreet about the afternoon process and only provide a vague summary as I don’t want to disclose too much information as I believe the surprise element is an important factor in Benefit’s recruitment process.

We started with some training this involved an element of role play. We were told some secrets. We practiced with some products on each other before being let loose on the shop floor.

We were observed on the shop floor and then were then told as the afternoon progressed whether we were being invited back for interview the next day.

Benefit had tactfully explained prior to this that we should approach them if we decided it wasn’t for us and that in turn they would have a discreet word if they felt it was time we left the process.

I am happy to report I have made it to the interview stage, yay! My interview is at 5pm tomorrow if you wish to send me positive vibes or perhaps a good luck comment.

Regardless of the outcome of tomorrow this process has made me love benefit even more! I have added You Rebel and Dr Feelgood to my wishlist the only question is will I be purchasing them as a member of staff? or with the thank-you discount I received for making it through to the second stage of their recruitment process?

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Lucy Brown & Benefit

I am attending a Benefit Recruitment Event tomorrow. Below is an extract of my innovative mini (bookmark sized) CV:

Lotus, Nottingham Boots provided the inspiration with a product demonstration. Using your brand on a daily basis has further convinced me of the power of your products to help people look the best possible versions of themselves and feel better as a result. An enthusiastic user and promoter of Benefit products to friends and family, I want to demonstrate and share the benefits of your brand with a wider audience. Considerable customer service performance, including sales achievement awards, marketing qualifications and experience, in combination with my outgoing and approachable personality, make me an ideal ambassador for Benefit.

Would you employ me?

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Welcome to the Crazy World of Lucy Brown

I am Lucy Brown. I will be embarking on some new adventures over the next few weeks and months. These adventures include taking on the role of Vera, a very dim, likeable, down to earth Liverpudlian 35-45 year old, in the PADOS (Prestwich Amateur Dramatic and Operatic Society) production of Willy Russell’s Breezeblock Park, trying out as a Benefit Beauty Consultant and hopefully getting signed to Industry Casting agency for paid work as an Extra.

I am happily married to a wonderful man we have two children together and three cats.  Sadly my oldest cat Turtle has recently lost her sight due to high blood pressure but she is otherwise in good health for a cat of her age.

I am also supposed to be concentrating on working towards self-employment as a Doula, Baby Massage Instructor and Parenting Coach although recent experiences have knocked my confidence and drive in these areas and I feel more drawn to the exciting new adventures mentioned above at this time.

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