Lucy Brown & Benefit: The Interview

It looks like my adventure with Benefit could have some legs.

Today at 5pm I attended the interview. They asked some challenging questions I had to think really hard to answer them, but answer them I did.

The outcome of the interview is that I am going to be working for them part-time for a minimum of 7 hours. I requested part-time not only for reasons of work/family life balance but also so that I can pursue my other career interests paid and unpaid.

Benefit were fortunately happy to work round my PADOS rehearsal schedule, I’m playing Vera in Willy Russell’s Breezeblock Park. You may recall I was also signed to a background artists (extras) agency this week. I remain interested in doula-ing and baby massage instructing too.

I feel very proud of myself to have got through Benefit’s challenging 3 stage recruitment process. The next stage in the Benefit process is store approval.

I will keep you updated as my Benefit Tale develops… woo hoo I’m very nearly a BeneBabe!

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Welcome to the Crazy World of Lucy Brown

I am Lucy Brown. I will be embarking on some new adventures over the next few weeks and months. These adventures include taking on the role of Vera, a very dim, likeable, down to earth Liverpudlian 35-45 year old, in the PADOS (Prestwich Amateur Dramatic and Operatic Society) production of Willy Russell’s Breezeblock Park, trying out as a Benefit Beauty Consultant and hopefully getting signed to Industry Casting agency for paid work as an Extra.

I am happily married to a wonderful man we have two children together and three cats.  Sadly my oldest cat Turtle has recently lost her sight due to high blood pressure but she is otherwise in good health for a cat of her age.

I am also supposed to be concentrating on working towards self-employment as a Doula, Baby Massage Instructor and Parenting Coach although recent experiences have knocked my confidence and drive in these areas and I feel more drawn to the exciting new adventures mentioned above at this time.

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