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Lucy Brown & Benefit: The Recruitment Event

I attended the Benefit Recruitment Event at the Trafford Centre today.

The event started at 10am. The first stage was a brief screening interview. At this stage we found out if we had got through to the next stage which involved coming back at 1pm wearing black.

I was successful however they were not happy with my trusty, comfy, everyday footwear of choice Fit Flops, for health and safety reasons. I had hoped these would be okay as they were black and sequiny but readily accepted that I would ‘reluctanly’ have to go shoe shopping… *such a shame*

This presented a dilemma should I:

a. Invest a little more in a useful addition to my shoe wardrobe


b. Buy some less flattering cheap pumps

After looking at several pairs of shoes, and trying on quite a few, I reluctantly compromised on some cute mary-jane black pumps £15 from Office. I do not ❤ them but they were comfy and I decided I may get also get some am dram wear out of them too.

I am going to be discreet about the afternoon process and only provide a vague summary as I don’t want to disclose too much information as I believe the surprise element is an important factor in Benefit’s recruitment process.

We started with some training this involved an element of role play. We were told some secrets. We practiced with some products on each other before being let loose on the shop floor.

We were observed on the shop floor and then were then told as the afternoon progressed whether we were being invited back for interview the next day.

Benefit had tactfully explained prior to this that we should approach them if we decided it wasn’t for us and that in turn they would have a discreet word if they felt it was time we left the process.

I am happy to report I have made it to the interview stage, yay! My interview is at 5pm tomorrow if you wish to send me positive vibes or perhaps a good luck comment.

Regardless of the outcome of tomorrow this process has made me love benefit even more! I have added You Rebel and Dr Feelgood to my wishlist the only question is will I be purchasing them as a member of staff? or with the thank-you discount I received for making it through to the second stage of their recruitment process?

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