Lucy Brown

I am Lucy Brown. Proud founder of  Beauty Box Swaps. Embarking on some new adventures over the next few weeks and months as my fortieth birthday looms. These adventures have included taking on the role of Vera, a very dim, likeable, down to earth Liverpudlian 35-45 year old, in the PADOS (Prestwich Amateur Dramatic and Operatic Society) production of Willy Russell’s Breezeblock Park,  becoming a Benebabe and being signed to Industry Casting agency as an Extra.

I am happily married to a wonderful man we have two children together and two cats Kitty and Topsy. Sadly we recently lost our oldest cat Turtle who died naturally in her bed at home. This followed a distressing few months witnessing her struggling to adjust to losing her eyesight, due to high blood pressure.

I am also supposed to be concentrating on working towards self-employment as a Doula, Baby Massage Instructor and Parenting Coach although recent experiences have knocked my confidence and drive in these areas and I feel more drawn to the exciting new adventures mentioned above at this time.


  1. Lottie Mushaboom replied:

    Hi Lucy, my name is Charlotte and I run the Battle of the Beauty Boxes (soon to be moving to its own .com domain!) I was hoping to link back to your FB pages from the site and maybe get a bit more info from you to do a post about it? I can’t seem to find any contact details for you though – would you be able to drop em an email?

  2. Roxanne Varza replied:

    Hi Lucy – I love the idea of the box swaps and was wondering if I could get some more info to feature you in an article? Please let me know how best to get in touch or drop me an email rvarza at gmail dot com.

  3. Sandra replied:

    hi Lucy great blog! finding it hard to find your contact details though?! Was wanting to share a great find at Escentual try before you buy goodies – may be worth a blog post. I’ve just bought the La Roche Posay’s sample pack which looks an absolute steal at £10 plus a £10 code sent to you by email to get £10 off a product – so free sample pack! Other offers look good too. Loving the beauty box swaps on FB, my first box(es) in October x

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