Lucy Brown Slimming Down (Day 17)



I weighed in this morning following my split diet days on Tuesday and Thursday (yesterday). I now weigh 14 stone dead on, this means I have lost another 1 lb taking my total weight loss to 5 lbs. I would ideally have liked to have got under the 14 stone mark this week, but hopefully should manage that next week. 

Nothing dramatic to report on waist measurement perhaps another half an inch. Current measurement is 38.5 inches approx.

I’ve worked out If I keep losing 1lb a week I could be a further 8lbs lighter by my sister’s wedding. It would be fab if I achieve a drop of one dress size from an 18 to a 16 by then.

I see no reason not to stick with the 2 day diet until I reach my goal of a dress size 14, then I plan to move to 1 day dieting to maintain.

I’m off to pilates in a few minutes to keep up the good work 🙂

Do you exercise? What’s your favourite way to keep fit & toned?



May 10, 2013. Uncategorized.


  1. angelauk replied:

    Keep up the good work, you will be at your ideal weight in time for Summer, if we get one of course! x

    • lucybrownadventures replied:

      thanks Angela 🙂 I’m just happy to be slimming down, not worried if I get there this summer as long as still svelte by next summer 😉 summers permitting lol xx

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