Lucy Brown Slimming Down (Day 7/ Day 8)


Kinda did my own interpretation of the Exante soup and shake diet yesterday. Started the day with a shake. Then had to improvise for lunch as ate out with a friend. Ended up having mushroom soup and a black coffee. The problem being the soup came with croutons and a small breadroll, which I ‘had’ to eat but I couldn’t just eat the roll I ‘had’ to ask for some butter (just the one foiled portion) oops. I later had another shake, then because I was craving real food, had veg stir fry, then it was bedtime and I couldn’t face an Exante soup or a shake so I had a fat free Actimel just to take the edge of my hunger. Just remembered I also had 2 white chocolate buttons as my girls saved me one each.

Today so far is going well… Started the day with a shake, did the school run on foot (20 mins) & for lunch I’ve had a bag of rocket (spray with olive oil and drizzled with balsamic vinegar) with scrambled eggs (made with tsp olive oil) & smoked salmon.

Interestingly the thought of soups and shakes is leading me to choose healthier meal options. The only problem being these are supposed to be my fasting days and I’m not tracking my calorie intake when I veer off Exante.

When I jumped on the scales this morning I was showing just 1lb lighter than yesterday. I will be interested to see what the scales say tomorrow following both ‘diet’ days. However as my primary focus is dress size it’s waist measurement that I really ought to be gauging my slimming down progress by.

When I got in from college I ate an exact repeat of lunch.

That was around 8pm and now I’m starving and craving wine 😦

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One Comment

  1. Zoe Dubs replied:

    it’s good to see a dieter thats actually eating! So many people make the mistake of cutting out all food!

    I found your blog through the UK Bloggers group!

    Love Zoe x

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