Lucy Brown Slimming Down (Day 7)


Back to the Exante shakes and soups today. After 4 unrestricted days. I have chosen today and tomorrow as my diet days this week as I’m working on Thursday and I know I wouldn’t be able to cope with fasting on a work day. This is a shame because it means we will have to delay Dallas Tuesday to Thursday this week.

I have resisted weighing myself since last Wednesday. But I have weighed myself this morning. I am only a pound lighter than day 1. However I am in no way despondent as I can see that I am lucky to have kept a pound off due to my curry and cupcake consumption on the unrestricted days. nb. I rarely eat cupcakes as a general rule but I made some for work this week and had to test them 😉



I am feeling lighter so I need to find a tape measure to check my waist measurement. Having eventually found a tape measure I can confirm I have lost 2 inches off my waist. My waist measurement has gone from a mammoth 43 inches to an admittedly still to girthy 41 inches. This is however very encouraging progress 🙂

I went to four gym classes last week I expect that will have contributed to my slimmer waist. I have only been to one 45 mins pilates class this week but I can’t fit any others in with college and work this week.  I am however doing the school run on foot at every opportunity. Only using the car when logistics dictate.

I also need to switch to using the stairs at work 100% of the time instead of most of the time.

I do have a challenge today in that I am meeting a friend for lunch. My plan is to exercise damage limitation and opt for something low carb, high protein & high veg with a black coffee.

I have embarking my my diet days this week with the belief that I have taken the power back and I am actively slimming down to my first goal of a dress size 16.

Are you also slimming down? do you have any hints and tips to share?

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