Lucy Brown Slimming Down (Day 2/ Day3)

ImageYay I’ve made it to day 3 which means that I can eat food for 5 days 🙂

But before I have my breakfast… here’s how I got on the rest of yesterday…

I tried the vanilla shake for lunch it was pleasant enough.

Then I went slightly awry, nothing major but I had some carrot sticks when my daughters were eating them after school.

Then I had some plain pan fried chicken and cucumber with Mr Brown & my daughters at tea time.

I later tried the vegetable soup but used more water than stated in the instructions. I found this improved the texture.

In other news I haven’t tried the dress on that I would like to wear for the weddings but I have checked it out and it’s a size 16, as I’m currently a size 18, this will spur me on to achieve my interim goal of dropping a dress size.

Weighed myself again today (bad habit I know) & I’m still showing at 14 stone 2lbs, so a 3lb loss as it stands. I do feel a little apprehensive about what’s going to happen when I start eating. I have to keep reminding myself that this is not a quick fix but a long term lifestyle change. Losing 1-2lbs a week is good enough. I could realistically be a stone lighter and a dress size smaller by the time of my sisters’ wedding in 10 weeks time. 

My plans for today are a 45 min Pilates class, meeting a friend for coffee, going to visit our new kitten (who’s coming home from the breeder’s in 5 weeks) and my first attempt at making cupcakes (for an event at work tomorrow).

Also as it’s Friday I am looking forward to a couple of glasses of wine this evening 🙂


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