Lucy Brown Slimming Down


I’m once again returning to The Adventures of Lucy Brown. To document my slimming down journey. Last week I spotted a deal on Wowcher for Exante shakes and soups this was the final push I needed to take control of my dress size, which at size 18 is 2 sizes bigger than my ideal dress size of 14. I was initially planning on going the whole hog and doing this VLCD for 4 weeks. Then prompted by the Exante website I realised I could use the shakes and soups to do the less harsh 2 day diet. The benefits of my opting to do the 2 day diet instead of VLCD are many:

Better role model for my daughters if I can at least eat with the family 5 days a week

Less harsh

Shakes & soups supply will last longer

More likely to stick to the diet

More of a sustainable lifestyle change

That’s the theory anyway.

So today is the first day of soups and shakes.

Today so far I’ve had a strawberry shake

A white tea

A Nettle & Peppermint tea

I’ve done the school run with a (mini) Cello on my back – 20 mins

& a 90 min Yoga class

I weighed in this morning at 14 stone 5/ 91.2 Kgs

My waist measurement is *gasp* 43 inches/ 110cms

Are you on your own slimming down journey?

Are you doing the 2 day diet?

Slimming down buddies are always welcome

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  1. angelauk replied:

    My fellah and I are considering the intermittent fast, which is pretty much what you are doing. A bit of weight loss would be nice but we want to do it primarily for the health benefits of it. He has high cholesterol and blood pressure and diabetes in his family, so mainly it is his health that is scary to be honest. I would love to wear a size 12 jeans again, currently size 14, but more than anything I would love my chest to be small enough to fit in a size 14 dress, currently i need a size 16 dress and sometimes even that is too tight, whilst being too big on the rest of me 😦 I have a 38E/430DD bust size and I would love it to shrink a bit. SO we will see over the coming weeks if we decide to do It, I am still researching the heath benefits of it.

    • angelauk replied:

      oherrrr It should read 40DD not 430 lol x

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