The Grand Opening of my October Carmine Box

My Carmine box arrived earlier this month. This is what I got:

First a note about the box itself.  It’s very different from it’s competitors AmaryaBoudoir Prive, Feel Unique and Glossy Box.  Although it is black in common with Feel Unique’s box, the style of the box is unique to Carmine. The box is very sturdy indeed. It has a lift off lid, the full depth of the box. I find this lid really difficult to prise off, I’m not sure if other subscribers have also found this?

The  textured black box is fully lined in a vibrant green with a carmine logo repeat. The pink Carmine logo is also featured on the top of the box marvellously metallic and textured and this logo is reinforced and underlined by embossed white text ‘Carmine’. It’s an impressive box Carmine but please make them easier to get in for us impatient Beauty Box openers ‘we just want too see what’s inside!!!’.

Somehow I have managed not to open the tissue or the ribbon yet so this review is a genuine first impressions review of the actual opening of my first Carmine box. Do you want to know what’s inside? *realises the question would be more intriguing if many of you didn’t already know given my belated review*

Balance Me – Super Moisturising Hand Cream

Generous 30ml tube. Has a pleasant and familiar smell. I’m not a fan of hand cream personally but I am confident I can Beauty Box Swap this for something I will use.

A promo code for £5 off orders of £30 or more is included.

Daniel Sandler – Eye Delight

I got this in the peach. It’s a full-size 3g pot. Looks interesting. I’ve tested it and I think I like it, although it’s not a colour I would usually go for. It is actually a good high-lighter for the Frat Boy in my opinion.

A 10% promo code is included.

Trind – Nail Repair Natural

Very excited about this not only because my nails need TLC at the moment (a big thumbs up to Carmine for telepathically knowing this)  but also because I love the bottle. It’s full-size 9ml too 🙂 This is definitely a keeper! Not been able to test this yet as I can’t find my nail varnish remover.

A mystery special offer code is included

The Balm – FratBoy All-in-one shadow/blush

I am so impressed by this. So very, very impressed! This 2 in 1 fills a 8.5g (full-size) gap in my make-up bag for a matt day-timey blusher. I love the packaging too! It’s retro looking and reminds me of Benefit packaging. I’ve tried this it’s 100% a keeper. Carmine you are spoiling us.

Cauderlie – Quenching Sorbet-Creme

10ml tube. My regular readers will know I am a pest where lotions and creams are concerned as they hold no interest for me as I am very satisfied with the products I already use. One to beauty box swap.

Carminees can also get their mitts on a FREE travel set worth £12.50 for purchases of £40 or more.

So what’s my overall verdict on Carmine’s very first box? I am wowed, thrilled and excited :-). The box does include a couple of products I won’t use and one I’m iffy about but having said that it represents amazingly good value and I am sold on the strength of the Frat Boy and Nail Repair. I highly recommend Carmine as one of the flashier, glossier, sparklier boxes which appeal to my ”Edgy with a touch of Glam’ beauty profile as defined by  Carmine themselves.

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  1. minibreakmummy replied:

    The FratBoy looks fab! Never heard of that brand before but I’ll keep an eye out for it.

  2. Hannah Jenkins replied:

    OMG finally a cute compact blush with a mirror! Just what I’ve been searching for! 😀 You must let me try it next time I see you!! If I like it I’m so buying/swapping it from somewhere!! xx

    • Alice replied:

      Hey Han, you can get £5 off this box using this link (by the 31st? Or maybe midnight on the 31st?):

      Would definitely recommend getting it for Frat Boy alone – it’s really nice and contains loooooaaaads of product.

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