Silent Sunday – 09/10/11

Silent Sunday

October 8, 2011. Tags: , , , . adventures, lifestuff, silent sunday.


  1. lucybrownadventures replied:

    to all of you who have been intrigued by my silent sunday this week I will explain all in a day or two…

  2. mymumdom replied:

    ????? Lots of questions about this photo!

  3. Lou Strachan (@Bobbity666) replied:

    What a dress! x

  4. ghostwritermummy replied:

    Oh my, there is something really haunting about this picture! Did you make them?

  5. Kizzy Bass replied:

    Love the dress, what an interesting photo!

  6. thesingingmummy replied:

    Wow!! That is amazing! 🙂

  7. ramblingsofasuburbanmummy replied:

    Amazingly beautiful x

  8. lauren goodchild replied:

    oh wow love the dress

  9. Anthea Barton (@BlueBearWood) replied:

    Oh wow. How fab are they. Really like them. Are they mannequins or scarecrows and is that beautiful dress detail straw as well?

  10. Emma (@Emsyjo) replied:

    Wow! That is all! 🙂

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