The Grand Opening of my September Boudoir Prive Box

My Boudoir Prive box arrived on Friday. This is what I got:

Colbert MD – Nourish: Eye Cream

I have become a tricky customer now for face creams, eye creams, serums etc. Because I am 100% sold on the benefits of BIOeffect , from the June Glossy Box, which means I don’t really require any other products of this ilk. I will however endeavour to test this out over the next few days to see what effect it has…

Macadamia- Hair Repair

I’ve just applied some of this product to my hair and I can’t see or feel any difference. However my hair is currently already in lovely condition from using the Sachajuan from the August Boudoir Prive Box. The oil smells lovely and I will keep hold of this product for possible future hair emergencies.

Zoya – Nail Polish

In Marina. I tested this immediately and found it to be an interesting colour, which I would best describe as a metallic bluey grey. However this full-size product has not swayed me from Ciate, which I first tried when I got Beach Melba in my July Glossy Box. I personally found the consistency of the Zoya Polish too thick, which made it difficult to apply. Also included in the box was a Zoya colour spoon plate . The idea is you can put the colour spoon onto your nail so you can see whether the colour suits you before you buy. This extra did intrigue and excite me a little however it is unlikely to entice me to try any of the colours as the consistency of the Marina has put me off. Is it just me? or did anyone else find the polish on the gloopy side?

Cargo Cosmetics – Boogie Nights Eye Pencil

In Aqua (a turquoise colour). I am going to try to swap this on Beauty Box Swaps for one in a different colour as I already have an Urban Decay 24/7 glide on eye pencil in Electric, a similar colour, from their most excellent 15 year anniversary collection.

Agent Provocateur – L’Agent

Intense but not unpleasant fragrance. I expect I will use the sample but probably won’t seek out any more of this fragrance. I personally prefer Plum by Mary Greenwell from my September Glossy Box.

Tropic Skincare – Body Smooth

From the company founded by the Apprentice’s Susan Ma. I am looking forward to trying this and I plan to test it on my feet as recommended by the Tropic website as my feet are certainly in need of some TLC.

also included was:

Mai Couture – Blot and Bronze

A two sheet sample, on a postcard. I will test these next time I am shiny.

So what’s my overall verdict on this months box? In all honesty I am feeling underwhelmed with it at the moment. I don’t know whether this is because I am generally feeling flat and low, obviously through no fault of Boudoir Prive, whether I am suffering from Beauty Box fatigue as the founder of Beauty Box Swaps or whether I personally am more suited to the Glossy Box offer.

As finances are extremely limited in the Brown household I am even reluctantly considering cancelling my subscription to Boudoir Prive, certainly not in a fit of pique as they haven’t done anything to upset me, I wasn’t overly concerned about the dispatch delay. I know I feel 100% bonded to Glossy Box as I feel distraught at the thought of losing it. But then I do also feel a certain loyalty Boudoir Prive as I am grateful they introduced me to Sachajuan last month which I would have never otherwise tried and my hair is very glad I did.  So I’m going to test out the products from this months box and think about it… what do you think readers?

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  1. BoudoirVeronica replied:

    Hi Lucy! Thank you for your very candid review of our September Beauty Box and we hope we can persuade you to stick with us in the future! I can’t wait to see your review of the October Beauty Box in 2-3 weeks.

  2. Emmanuel Mignot replied:

    I think the main interest of these boxes is to make you discover new products, and on this point, as you said yourself, BP is the one.

  3. Amy 'Mimi' Bishop replied:

    This is the first box I have ever had, and although it was not quite what I was expecting I loved it. There were 3 full size samples (pencil, hair oil (be it the small size) and the varnish) which I was impressed with, and I particularly loved my nail varnish colour. I didn’t think the consistency was too thick, perhaps that’s just me? I like the eye cream but wont buy it (of course) and I love the body smooth, smells amazing!

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