Lucy Loves: Sachajuan Conditioner

As I wait patiently for my September Boudoir Prive box to arrive I thought you might like to hear more about my very favourite product from their August box.

I love Sachajuan conditioner because I get loads of compliments when I use it. People ask if I’ve had my hair done? or enquire what styling product I’ve used?

In reality I am a very lazy girl with my hair. I rarely use styling products and seldom blow dry or style it.

I love using Sachajuan conditioner because it makes me feel super pampered. I have even honed my very own Sachajuan ritual:

1. Squeeze a 10p piece size of conditioner into hand. I found this tricky and could only manage it by removing the lid, or standing the bottle on his head for a while before dispensing from the lid, as intended. Did anybody else have this problem?

2. Massage conditioner into hands and nails, I do this because, my Lucy Logic figures that what’s good for my hair will also benefit my nails.

3. Massage conditioner into hair and scalp.

4. Finally use conditioner on hands as shaving lotion for underarms. Did you know conditioner also provides excellent lubrication for shaving?

As my hair is short tangling isn’t really an issue for me. However as the conditioner fulfils it’s promise of leaving hair with ‘bounce and a silky shine’ I believe it would successfully de-tangle hair more prone to tangling. Can anybody verify this? Please comment on your view of this conditioner below.

In my first impressions review of the August Boudoir Prive Box. I observed that the packaging used for this conditioner is ‘medicine bottley’ Having used this conditioner on a daily basis, since it was gifted to me in my BP box, I feel the packaging is very appropriate because, in my opinion, this conditioner has proved to be a real tonic for my hair.

Could be my first full-sized beauty box inspired purchase? I am using Neal & Wolf harmony from my September Glossy Box at the moment… will it match the performance of my beloved Sachajuan? watch this space…

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