Lucy Loves: Ciate

I really don’t understand why Ciate are finding it so hard to reach their goal of 1500 likers on their Facebook Page. After all there is the incentive of four prizes of 2 of their fabulous paint pots.

Not only do these paint pots look super glam on your dressing table the nail polish is lush and somehow seems to feed your nails with goodness.

I was vaguely aware of Ciate’s look but I’d never tried the product until I was fortunate enough to receive their Beach Melba paint pot in my July Glossy Box. After trying out the polish I realised that Ciate paint pots are ‘not just a pretty face’ and the quality of the product inside is equally impressive.

I am utterly smitten with Ciate. If you also love this brand or even if this short blog has got your interest pop over to their Facebook Page click like and you may even be one of the lucky four who win’s a prize! Let me know if you do, won’t you?

What do you think of Ciate?

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  1. The Grand Opening of my September Boudoir Prive Box « The Adventures of Lucy Brown replied:

    […] would best describe as a metallic bluey grey. However this full-size product has not swayed me from Ciate, which I first tried when I got Beach Melba in my July Glossy Box. I personally found the […]

  2. lucybrownadventures replied:

    Yay!!! They finally made it & I would like to flatter myself I helped them out a little with reaching their target. Thanks to anyone who liked their page at my suggestion 🙂 When I get passionate about something I am like a dog with a bone… potential future employers take note 😉

  3. minibreakmummy replied:

    I bought the Marie Claire mag because of you raving about this brand. I also persuaded my gothgirl friend to buy the Marie Claire mag. Guess which of us went for which colour? 😉

  4. Emma Greenwood replied:

    Oh me too, I adore Ciaté! I hadn’t tried them either til I received Kitten Heels in my GlossyBox 🙂 and then I got both the ones free in Marie Claire last month… all 3 have been fabulous! xx

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