Lucy Brown & Benefit

I am attending a Benefit Recruitment Event tomorrow. Below is an extract of my innovative mini (bookmark sized) CV:

Lotus, Nottingham Boots provided the inspiration with a product demonstration. Using your brand on a daily basis has further convinced me of the power of your products to help people look the best possible versions of themselves and feel better as a result. An enthusiastic user and promoter of Benefit products to friends and family, I want to demonstrate and share the benefits of your brand with a wider audience. Considerable customer service performance, including sales achievement awards, marketing qualifications and experience, in combination with my outgoing and approachable personality, make me an ideal ambassador for Benefit.

Would you employ me?


August 17, 2011. Tags: , , . adventures, beauty, Lucy Brown & Benefit.


  1. Lucy Brown & Benefit: Store Approval « The Adventures of Lucy Brown replied:

    […] I apologise it’s been a long time since my previous Lucy Brown & Benefit Posts: Lucy Brown & Benefit, The Recruitment Event and The Interview. I have been very busy with my am dram actress adventure […]

  2. Brock Mandt replied:

    Finally, an issue that I am fanatical about. I have looked for information of this topic for the last several hours. Your site is greatly treasured.

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