Beauty Box Swaps

I am an exceedingly enthusiastic subscriber to Glossy Box. I signed up the day I heard of the concept when I realised resistance was futile as it is such a brilliant concept. They get £10 a month and they send me a gorgeously wrapped present of five high end beauty products, some travel sized and some full sized. My favourite product so far has been BIOeffect. This is a wonder serum and I believe it has left my skin smoother, plumper, more radiant and younger looking. As the full size product has a high end price, and the Brown’s finances are very low end at the moment due to my recent redundancy and other matters, I decided that in order to feed my BIOeffect habit I needed to get creative. My solution was to comment on the glossy box page to enquire whether any Glossy Box subscribers would be prepared to sell or swap their samples. This did not prove fruitful so I obtained two samples from boxes bought off Ebay and two from Latest in Beauty. I noticed that other Glossy Box subscribers were requesting swaps on their facebook page and had a brainwave that it would be easier for people to arrange swaps on a page dedicated to this and so was born Glossy Swaps. Sadly Glossy Box did not share my enthusiasm for the Glossy Swaps concept and following intensive discussions today I agreed to change the name, well I didn’t want to risk my Glossy Box being cut off. My sister (also known as Minibreak Mummy) suggested that given Boudoir Prive‘s recent arrival on the beauty box subscription market Glossy Swaps should be reborn as Beauty Box Swaps.

August 5, 2011. Tags: , , , , . adventures, beauty.


  1. Kindness | margotandbarbara replied:

    […] very similar taste in books  from our friendship on Good Reads. I also know that her sister set up Beauty Box Swaps for people to exchange things that they’ve received in their beauty box (Glossy Box, for […]

  2. Leanne replied:

    Its lovely to hear about the birth of beauty box swaps 🙂

    PS I have a bionova sample for sale on my blog sale if that is the miracle product you mean? xx

  3. Beauty Box Swaps – FAQ « The Adventures of Lucy Brown replied:

    […] more about the conception and birth of Beauty Box Swaps feel free to check out my earlier blog post Beauty Box Swaps. So, let’s say I want to swap products. Can you tell me how it works and what I have to do? […]

  4. Gill replied:

    Brilliant idea, have ‘liked’ on Facebook as I’m going to be a serial swapper!

  5. Sophie Williams replied:

    What items do u have for swap? x

  6. lucybrownadventures replied:

    What would you like to swap it for Sophie? Alternatively I could offer you £8 which is what Latest in Beauty charge x

    • Sophie Williams replied:

      What item’s do you have for the swap?x

      • lucybrownadventures replied:

        Hi Sophie, sorry I haven’t got back to you, I’ve been very busy, because it’s school holiday times and I need to check which of my items are unopened and unused and so would be suitable to offer as possible swaps. I promise to do this but apologise it may take me a few more days. In the meantime feel free to post on my facebook page Beauty Box Swaps to see what others have available.

      • lucybrownadventures replied:

        Sophie I only have Perles De Lalique Eau De Parfum 4.5ml or Illammasqua Pure pigment 1.3g in Conquer, would you be interested in either of these as swaps for your BIOeffect?

      • Sophie Williams replied:

        The Illammasqua Pure pigment 🙂 x

  7. Sophie Williams replied:

    I have the bioeffect serum if you wanna swap it for something x

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